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All our incense products are crafted in accordance with ancient Buddhist scriptures, which dictate the materials used and the production process. The scriptures distinguish between Kriya tantra incense, made without meat or alcohol, and Upa tantra incense, which allows for a wider range of ingredients. Our incense blends feature flowers, bark, wood, leaves, fruit, and roots, with most products containing around 40 ingredients and some special ceremonial incense made with 108 natural ingredients, a significant number for Buddhists. The natural components used in our incense are sourced from the Himalayas, where they grow at elevations above 4000 meters. The collection is performed by yak herders as they move their herds in search of summer and winter pastures and by families living in the remote Himalayan regions.


Zurpoe - Zhingkham Kuenchab Chotrin

Experience the timeless benefits of incense burning with our premium Zhingkham Kuenchab Chotrin, crafted with the finest natural ingredients sourced from the high Himalayas of Bhutan. Elevate your well-being and purify your space with each delicate burn.


Usage: Perfect for use in rituals, meditation, yoga, or just for creating a relaxing aroma, Zhingkham Kuenchab Chotrin incense is suitable for all types of well-being.


Ingredients: The unique blend of this incense is made from a combination of flowers, barks, wood, stems, leaves, resins, and roots of medicinal and herbal plants sourced from the high Himalayas of Bhutan and premium quality spices. Some of the prized ingredients include Sausarea Lapps, Nardostchys Jatamansi, Safflower, Saffron, Red and White Sandalwood, Gooseberries, Myrobalan, Innula Racemosa, Nutmeg, Clove, Juniper, Cinnamomum Tamala, Carthamus Tinctonus, and Cardamom.


Benefits: Incense burning has been used for centuries as a way to reduce stress and anxiety, complement meditation and concentration, improve sleep, calm your mood, and clarify space. The blend of natural ingredients in Zhingkham Kuenchab Chotrin incense makes it a perfect addition to your wellness routine.


How to Use: Simply light the tip of the incense stick, blow out the flame, place it in an incense holder, and enjoy the soothing aroma.


Customization: B2B customization is available for those who want to create a unique and personalised experience for their customers.


Similar Product Suggestions: If you're looking for other high-quality incense products, check out our Nado Happiness Incense and Zur-poi various grades. Each offers a unique blend of natural ingredients and benefits to enhance your well-being.

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Riwosangchoe incense is a special offering in Bhutanese Buddhist tradition, prepared according to ancient rituals. The incense is made using a blend of over 90 pure herbs, spices, aromatic woods, resins, minerals, semi-precious gems, precious metals, and silk brocade. The ingredients are carefully selected to create a unique and powerful fragrance that is said to please the buddhas and protector deities, as well as pacify obstacles and demons.


Riwo Sangcho incense is used in the practice of Riwo Sangcho ("Mountain Smoke Offering"), which is a purification ritual aimed at accumulating merit and eliminating impurities and obstructions. The ingredients for the white morning incense and red evening incense are similar, with the addition of powdered grains, cloth pieces, and mixed fruit juice for the white morning incense.


Bhutanese incense is known for its intense aroma and slow burning time, setting it apart from Tibetan, Nepalese, and Indian incense. The Bhutanese believe that offering White Morning incense invites divine beings to bestow blessings on people and the environment.


Riwo Sangchoe Incense Powder 

Riwo Sangchoe incense powder is a special offering used in Bhutanese Buddhist practices. It is made from a combination of 108 medicinal and aromatic plants collected from the Himalayan region. The ingredients include six medicinal plants, five aromatic herbs, and the five precious gems, which create a rich and exclusive fragrance.


This incense powder is used in the Riwo Sangchoe practice, which is a smoke offering made to the three jewels, protector deities, and spirits. The purpose of this practice is to cleanse karmic debt, remove negative forces, attract fortune, and ultimately attain enlightenment. The Riwo Sangchoe incense powder helps to purify negative karma and protect from evil harm, obstacles, and defilement.


The powder is finely ground and weighs approximately 250g. It can be used in various offerings, such as Kriya and Upa practices, filling statues, purification ceremonies, and other fragrance offerings. The ingredients and preparation of this incense powder are in accordance with ancient Buddhist texts and traditions.


Zangdrup Herbal Incense Powder

Zangdrup Herbal Incense Powder is a traditional Himalayan incense powder, made from a blend of rare and sacred herbs, spices, and resins. It is used for purification and consecration ceremonies in Buddhist practices. This incense powder is known for its unique fragrance, which has a calming effect on the mind and body, helping one to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

The ingredients used in Zangdrup Herbal Incense Powder include an array of natural and pure materials such as cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, nutmeg, sandalwood, clove, myrrh resin, safflower, and gooseberries. These ingredients are sourced from the high peaks of the Himalayas, making this incense powder one of the finest and most authentic incense powders in the region.

Zangdrup Herbal Incense Powder can be used in a variety of ways, including as a purifying smoke during meditation or as an offering to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. It is also commonly used for the consecration of statues and for purification ceremonies, helping to purify negative energies and purify one's mind and environment.

This incense powder is perfect for those who are looking for a natural and pure incense for their meditation and spiritual practices. With its high quality and authentic ingredients, Zangdrup Herbal Incense Powder is a must-have for those who are looking to deepen their spiritual connection and purify their surroundings.

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